US-Mexico Hydrocarbons Transboundary Agreement


US-Mexico Hydrocarbons Transboundary Agreement: A Major Opportunity for US Energy Sector in Mexico

Refinery Days by Anthony Lavado

Photo credit: Refinery Days by Anthony Lavado In December 2013, the U.S. Congress passed the Transboundary Hydrocarbon Agreement with Mexico. The agreement was signed a year earlier by former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and Foreign Minister Patricia Espinosa to lay down the details of a U.S.-Mexican cooperation to mine and utilise oil and gas resources in over 1.5 million acres in the Gulf...

A Bright Future for Alternative Energy in Mexico

Ameresco Biomass Cogeneration Facility at SRS by Savannah River Site

Photo credit: Ameresco Biomass Cogeneration Facility at SRS by Savannah River Site Despite Mexico’s potential oil boom in the light of its latest energy reforms and the newly approved Hydrocarbons Transboundary Agreement with the U.S., the country remains invested in its alternative energy resources. Currently, only 7% of Mexico’s energy is from renewable sources. Biomass is in the lead with 3...

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