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Qatar, Latvia and Hong Kong Double Taxation and Tax Evasion Treaty

World Innovation Summit for Education - Qatar by Larry Johnson

Photo credit: World Innovation Summit for Education – Qatar by Larry Johnson Mexican Government has just approved Treaties for Preventing Double Taxation and Tax Evasion with Latvia, Qatar and Hong Kong. Approvals were published on January 29 at the Federal Official Gazette. The main purpose of these Treaties for authorities is obvious: They prevent that people or companies avoid paying...

Ukraine and Lithuania Double Taxation and Tax Evation Treaty

Lithuania by Bernt Rostad

Photo credit: Lithuania by Bernt Rostad On November 26, 2012, Mexico enacted the Tax Treaty for avoiding Double Taxation and for preventing Tax Evasion with Ukraine and Lithuania.  This treaty applies to income tax from Mexico and these countries, as well as facilitate cooperation between countries for exchange of information on any type of information and applicable for all type of taxes. These...

March in a nutshell

Nutshell by Steffen Zahn

Photo credit: Nutshell by Steffen Zahn I have been busy working on several projects. That is why I have missed some many interesting topics for my Blog. So, I decided to keep up with these topics in a nutshell. Mexican Tax Authorities have finally signed agreements with tax heavens Isle of Man, Cook Islands and Cayman Islands for exchanging tax information. The purpose of these agreements is to...

Amendments to Mexico-Singapore Tax Evasion Treaty

IMG_7578 by Brian Jeffery Beggerly

Photo credit: IMG_7578 by Brian Jeffery Beggerly On September 29, 2011, Mexican Senate approved amendments to Mexico-Singapore Tax Evasion Treaty, as published today at the Federal Official Gazette. These Amendments increase cooperation between the Countries for sharing information to any type of taxes and relevant information.  In addition, Authorities may use that information in judicial...

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