The 2014 Year in Review


2014 is done. Business in Mexico was quite active in response to reforms in progress by Peña Nieto Administration. Some industries like energy, telecom, antitrust and financial services are on the spotlight, but all together with education, tax and judicial pretend to set a backbone for a new Mexican economy. Of course, foreign investment caps were reduced in some areas. Mexico kept investment...

Alternative Energy Continues to Rise in Mexico

Model Wind Turbine Farm, Copenhagen, Denmark by tsaiproject

Model Wind Turbine Farm, Copenhagen, Denmark by tsaiproject Renewable energy in Mexico plays a major role in the country’s electricity generation. In fact, hydro power, geothermal power, and solar power contribute up to 26% to the country’s national grid. However, a Mexican congressman believes that the North American country’s natural energy sources will power more than just the grid; they will...

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I am a Mexican lawyer with experience in technology, energy, automotive, infrastructure and business. Worked for law firms, international companies and Government bodies on business advice, regulatory compliance and litigation.

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