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Private Sector Investment Powering Mexico Solar Energy Sector

Solar energy by Morten Sarring

Photo credit: Solar energy by Morten Sarring After the failure of subsidies in driving the solar markets of Spain, Italy and the Czech Republic, Mexico and a number of Latin American countries are planning to ensure the growth of their renewable markets through private sector investments. Mexico is currently highly dependent on its fossil fuels, which is why the government of President Enrique...

Solar Energy Opportunities in Mexico

Really cool sunset in Mazatlan by Frank Kovalchek

Photo credit: Really cool sunset in Mazatlan by Frank Kovalchek The sun is shining, literally and figuratively, on the energy industry in Mexico as solar energy opportunities are on the rise. While Mexico is all set to allow oil extraction by foreign companies, it is also attracting investors to a much cleaner source of energy – sunshine. Mexico, which is one of the top ten oil producing...

The Bright Future of the Solar Energy in Mexico

Black Rock Solar photovoltaic array at Food Bank of Northern Nevada by Black Rock Solar

Photo credit: Black Rock Solar photovoltaic array at Food Bank of Northern Nevada by BlackRockSolar Mexico’s geographic location and solar resources have made it one of the top candidates for solar energy development. However, till 2012, the number of investors in this industry and government support was limited. Now, despite its thriving oil industry and an upcoming offshore drilling treaty with...

Mexico Energy Grid Construction Provides Opportunity for Foreign Companies

The Electric Highway by Rennett Stowe

Photo credit: The Electric Highway by Rennett Stowe While Mexico has long been an energy producer thanks to its plentiful oil reserves, foreign investment in its energy market has been rather difficult due to the fact that the oil industry was nationalized and is now under the thumb of PEMEX, the Mexican oil monopoly. At first glance, this might mean that when private investors from abroad see...

Energy Opportunities in Mexico


Photo credit: Foggy Bottom Pump Jack – Duncan, Oklahoma by duggar11 When it comes to energy opportunities, Mexico right now is a very hot market indeed for companies that export oil and natural gas; furthermore, if the present federal government, headed by President Enrique Peña Nieto can manage to break the monopoly that Petróleos Mexicanos (PEMEX) has enjoyed since the 1930’s, it’s...

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