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The Final Step of the Mexican Energy Reform

Three energy saving light bulbs by Anton Fomkin

Photo credit by: Three energy saving light bulbs by Anton Fomkin Mexican Congress opened a new chapter in the country’s oil, gas and electricity sectors when it opened all three to foreign investors. Supported by two thirds of the congress and most of Mexico’s states, the reform also allowed private companies to invest after the country nationalized the sectors over 70 years ago. However, as...

A Look at Mexico’s Solar Energy Potential and Future

Intel Solar Installation Vietnam by Intel Free Press

Photo credit: Intel Solar Installation Vietnam by Intel Free Press Based on information from Greentech Media, Mexico offers a great solar energy opportunity. This was confirmed in the Solar Energy Section Report published by Mexico’s energy department SENER. According to the document, Mexico’s solar insolation is about 5 kilowatt-hours per meter-squared daily, which is almost the same output as...

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