Government of Singapore Investment Corporation Sets Sights on Mexico

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DSC00928 by gigile Government of Singapore Investment, one of the two ventures owned by the Singaporean government, is planning a number of investment opportunities now that Mexico has opened up its energy sector. One of the GIC’s upcoming projects is a partnership with Mexican oil company Pemex, the latter which was forced to give up most of its oil field to end up its 70-year monopoly in this...

China-Mexico Energy Trade Ties in Progress

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Photo credit: Shaman by Don McCullough China and Mexico have been at opposite ends for decades, especially since the latter accused the former of flooding the U.S. market with cheap goods that affected the sales of its own. However, now that the Mexican oil and natural gas industry is open to local and foreign investors after over seven decades, China has expressed its interest in investing in...

What Would the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) Mean for Mexico?

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Photo credit: Water under the bridge, little rock arch, splash of the Pacific Ocean, South Mazatlan, Sinaloa, Mexico by Wonderlane In 2012, the nine countries comprising the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) embraced Mexico as a tenth member before Canada and Japan. U.S. officials commented that all members – United States, Australia, New Zealand, Peru, Chile, Singapore, Malaysia, Vietnam and...

Mexico Opportunities for Singapore Tech Companies


Photo credit: Singapore by Arian Zwegers It’s a well known fact that Mexico is a leader when it comes to automobile manufacturing; all major car brands are expanding their facilities in the country or building brand-new plants to keep up with demand.  The work force in the Spanish-speaking North American country also enjoys an excellent reputation; they have a very strong work ethic and are among...

Amendments to Mexico-Singapore Tax Evasion Treaty

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Photo credit: IMG_7578 by Brian Jeffery Beggerly On September 29, 2011, Mexican Senate approved amendments to Mexico-Singapore Tax Evasion Treaty, as published today at the Federal Official Gazette. These Amendments increase cooperation between the Countries for sharing information to any type of taxes and relevant information.  In addition, Authorities may use that information in judicial...

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