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Mexico to Spend $100 Billion Dollars to Develop Shale Resources

Gasoline Storage Tanks by Rennett Stowe

Photo credit: Gasoline Storage Tanks by Rennett Stowe The Mexican Congress is expected to approve the secondary legislation related to the energy reforms before the end of summer. This legislation will detail the now approved Constitutional Reform on energy that opened the market to foreigners. While no exact date has been set, end of July seems reasonable. Once passed, these reforms will...

Shale Gas Expertise Required in Mexico

Shale gas pipes, Pennsylvania USA by Beyond Coal and Gas

Photo credit: Max Phillips (Jeremy Buckingham MLC) Photo: Shale gas pipes, Pennsylvania USA by Beyond Coal and Gas Despite starting to explore the area in 2010-2011, Petróleos Mexicanos (Pemex) will not be able to tap into the Mexican Eagle Ford Shale for decades. In addition to focusing on less risky shallow-water project, Pemex cannot afford the higher costs associated with more wells, labor...

Mexico’s Energy Sector: Boom or Bust for Foreign Companies?

tiny adorable oil pump by Heidi De Vries

Photo credit: tiny adorable oil pump by Heidi De Vries As many energy sector investors know, Mexico is world’s sixth largest oil producer and is the tenth largest net exporter of oil.   Mexico’s production is only behind that of the United States in North America and surpasses Canada’s oil production efforts.  As may be expected, the petroleum sector is incredibly important to the country’s...

Mexico Energy Sector Investment Opportunities: Gas Imports

Oil Pump by C2C Balloon

Photo credit: Oil Pump by C2C Balloon Mexico, although it has what are potentially large amounts of shale gas and oil in its territory, isn’t producing nearly enough natural gas to meet the country’s growing demand for energy.  The result is that for now and the foreseeable future, Mexico will be needing to import natural gas from the United States.  While this might at first encourage companies...

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