Let´s do automotive business like it´s 2013

Fisker Automotive Parking Lot by David Harris

Photo credit: Fisker Automotive Parking Lot by David Harris A couple of months ago, I wrote a post called “How many OEMs do you need to amend the auto decree?“, where I explored the decision of the Administration of Felipe Calderón on raising the minimum volume of production for being elegible of the benefits of the Auto Decree. I further suggested that the Government and the auto...

Telecom Equipment Treaty for Canada and Mexico

Networking Switch by felixtriller.

Photo credit: Networking Switch by felixtriller. Effective as from June 1, 2012, the Canada-Mexico Treaty acknowledges standard evaluation proceedings for telecom equipment. This will facilitate imports/exports between these two countries. This Treaty does not cover electric security and is only usable for testing labs approved by their respective Governments. A year ago, the same Treaty with US...

Now on Effect: Amendments for Mexico & Luxembourg Tax Evation Treaty

Luxembourg Neumünster und Johanneskirche by Wolfgang Staudt

Photo credit: Luxembourg Neumünster und Johanneskirche by Wolfgang Staudt On October 31 2011,both Mexico and Luxembourg amended its Tax Evasion Treaty to increase the exchange of information on any type of information and applicable for all type of taxes. These Amendments will increase cooperation for sharing information. Last October, Mexico approved similar Amendments for its Tax Evasion Treaty...

Mexico-South Africa Agreement for Science and Technology Cooperation

Flag this photo by Kyknoord

Photo credit: Flag this photo by Kyknoord On November 2, 2011, the Agreement for Cooperation on Science and Technology between Mexico and South Africa became in effects. Mexico has entered into many Agreements of this type for promoting efforts from government, education and business entities in the science and technology areas between these Countries. Even though this is a government agreement...

Amendments to Mexico-Singapore Tax Evasion Treaty

IMG_7578 by Brian Jeffery Beggerly

Photo credit: IMG_7578 by Brian Jeffery Beggerly On September 29, 2011, Mexican Senate approved amendments to Mexico-Singapore Tax Evasion Treaty, as published today at the Federal Official Gazette. These Amendments increase cooperation between the Countries for sharing information to any type of taxes and relevant information.  In addition, Authorities may use that information in judicial...

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