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The Sweet Spot of the Mexican Telecom Reform (Part 1/3)

EPROM CLCC-44 Devices by yellowcloud

Photo credit: EPROM CLCC-44 Devices by yellowcloud This is part 1 of 3-part post on the recently published Mexican Telecom Reform. Follow me to explore the great opportunities to come. What ever happened to the Telecom Market. Mexican Telecom Reform is now on effects. It is the end of the industry, as we all knew it. Frankly, I feel fine and exited about the new regulation. We need to double...

An Overview of the Mexican Legal Market for Foreign Firms

Law School by Tulane Public Relations

Photo credit: Law School by Tulane Public Relations Investor attention is turning somewhat away from the BRIC (Brazil, Russia, India, China) in recent months because their economies haven’t been growing as swiftly as they had been in years past.  The four countries that are attracting the attention of international investors are Mexico, Indonesia, South Korea, and Turkey, or MIST for short...

U.S. and Mexico Deeply Linked By Trade


Photo credit: WTC Ciudad De Mexico by Armando Argandar When North Americans and people from other parts of the world think of Mexico, one of the first things that they may think of, sadly, is the security situation in the country caused by drug traffickers and associated gangs.  However, smart investors and businessmen know that Mexico is quickly becoming an economic powerhouse due to the Spanish...

Mexico: A Digital Manufacturing Powerhouse

Work in Progress by daveynin

Photo credit: Work in Progress by daveynin Mexico is a country that’s suffered from a rather bad reputation lately; all the media seems to be focused on is the nation’s problems with drug trafficking gangs and politics.  Mexico does have its issues; however, what might come as a surprise to many investors that aren’t familiar with the electronics industry is that this Spanish-speaking North...

Mexico´s Key Role on the US-China Re-shoring War

Seagate drives being tested by Robert Scoble

Photo credit: Seagate drives being tested by Robert Scoble Flavius Vegetius Renatus (Circa 375 AD), writer of Epitoma Rei Militaris (The Military Institutions of the Romans) is often quoted for: “If you want peace, prepare for war”. Business was way more simpler back then, and this kind of advice applied easily to every day trades. Today, globalized and technology-based world has...

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