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Mexico’s Port Authority of Dos Bocas to Tender Oil and Gas Terminal, Two Facilities


Tabasco is known for being one of Mexico’s oil states, with a very developed industry and fields. As such, the federal Port Authority Dos Bocas (API Dos Bocas), located in the southeast of the Gulf of Mexico, has an industrial and oil calling, and is a major node of the Pemex logistic network. Recently, because of oil rounds, there is increasing activity of exploration and production of oil...

Mexico Issues Interconnection Manual for Power Plants and Charging Points


In Pratt’s Energy Law Report for June 2018, attorneys José Antonio Prado, Carlos Ochoa and Alberto Esenaro Arteaga co-wrote an article about the Mexico Ministry of Energy’s manual for power plants and connecting charging points. The manual solves several gaps and details many provisions for completing power projects that are currently in process of construction or operation. Read more...

Mexico to Bid P3 Contract for Private HVDC Line in Baja California


Under Mexico’s Energy Reform of 2013, the power industry opened investment and contracting opportunities that were once reserved to the State. In case of transmission and distribution activities, the Mexican State still keeps control, but it is allowed to contact with private parties for developing infrastructure and sub-contract services as well as forming public-private partnerships...

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