Don´t Panic: The First-Mover Guide to the New Mexican Telecom Bill


Photo credit: Firefox Mobile by Johan Larsson It happened Sunday just before midnight. Politicians from The Pact for Mexico, this is, an alliance made by major political parties for debating amendments to structural laws in Mexico, agreed on a Telecom Bill to be presented to the Mexican Congress. Yesterday, at noon, The Pact for Mexico and the Federal Government made a press event to officially...

How I Learned to Stop Worrying about Telecom and Love the Pact


Photo credit: Internet café by Jared Tarbell This post is far from being a black humor political satire. In case you missed it, on December 3, 2012 members from 3 leading political parties signed the Pact for Mexico. This Pact is a pre-agreement on backbone amendments to promote Mexico´s growing. In telecom, we find very interesting public policies that could boost that and other industries: 1...

Proposed amendment to NOM-024-SSA3-2010: Systems for Health Electronic Records

IMSS by Juan Pablo Ortiz Arechiga

Photo credit: IMSS by Juan Pablo Ortiz Arechiga Ministry of Health is proposing amendments to upgrade NOM-024-SSA3-2010 for standardizing SIRES (Information Systems for Health Electronic Record) on interoperability, processing, interpretation, confidentiality and security for a better practice management. This Standard is a complement to NOM-040-SSA2-2004 (health information) and NOM-168-SSA1...

Three Services to Supercharge Mexico City Government

Mexico City Metrobus by DearEdward

Photo credit: Mexico City Metrobus by DearEdward Fifteen years ago, I was helping an IT client to close a sale for Supply chain management software. He was very optimistic about the Mexican market and told me a phrase I still recall: “Lawyers, Bankers and Government are the last strongholds to conquer.” Yes, he was referring to the difficulty of those ones to embrace technology. At...

Cancellation of Proposal for Packaging and Labeling for Non-digital TV Sets

Remote Control, Television - TV-controller by espensorvik

Photo credit: Remote Control, Television – TV-controller by espensorvik As indicated in my post of October 18: The Digital Transition Side Effect: Proposal of Packaging and Labelling for Non-digital TV Sets  a Draft of new labelling and packaging Mexican Standard (NOM) was open for discussion.  However, on October 21, 2011, Ministry of Economy cancelled that Draft on the grounds that Deputy...

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