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Mexico’s 3.9 percent Economic Growth in 2012 Expected to Continue


Photo credit: Bolsa Mexicana de Valores by mykewithwai Mexico’s Instituto Nacional de Estadística y Geografía (INEGI), translated as the National Institute of Statistics and Geography, has recently stated to the public that the country’s economy, due to a rise in agricultural sector activity, grew by 3.9 percent in 2012. The growth in the economy corresponded to projections made by the Mexican...

Japan auto-sector focusing more on Mexico

Toyota by Daniel

Photo credit: Toyota by Daniel Japanese car-makers, squeezed by the strength of the yen and the high cost of vehicle production in Japan, are increasingly turning to Mexico to manufacture their automobiles.  Mexico’s car export industry therefore, has boomed. One of Nissan’s busiest factories worldwide is located in Aguascalientes in central Mexico.  Nissan Mexicana vice president Armando Avila...

Just in time for the Oscars … Mexican Film Tax Breaks

Academy Award Winner by Davidlohr Bueso

Photo credit: Academy Award Winner by Davidlohr Bueso Yesterday, Ministry of Finance published the Rules for Applying the Tax Breaks for contributions to Mexican films. This tax break allows any Mexican company to contribute with an amount no higher than 10% of their income tax of previous fiscal year to Mexican films, and consider this contribution as a tax deduction. The main requirements for...

4 provisions that could drive your auto-supply agreement to a horrible break-up and prevent it from performing happily ever after

Food for the supermarkets by Nick Saltmarsh

Photo credit: Food for the supermarkets by Nick Saltmarsh Thanks for asking. I had a fantastic Valentine´s Day. That is part of why you are reading this post two days after the celebration. Fantastic moments end very soon and that is why we need to be prepared in life and business. Ask anybody from OEMs to Tier4. The auto-supply agreement is one of the backbone agreements to any automotive...

Qatar, Latvia and Hong Kong Double Taxation and Tax Evasion Treaty

World Innovation Summit for Education - Qatar by Larry Johnson

Photo credit: World Innovation Summit for Education – Qatar by Larry Johnson Mexican Government has just approved Treaties for Preventing Double Taxation and Tax Evasion with Latvia, Qatar and Hong Kong. Approvals were published on January 29 at the Federal Official Gazette. The main purpose of these Treaties for authorities is obvious: They prevent that people or companies avoid paying...

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