Mexico: A Land of Opportunity as International Trade Booms

Currencies of the world by Images Money

Photo credit: Currencies of the world by Images Money Up until two decades ago, Mexico had been suffering economically, driving many among its population to seek opportunity North of the border. However, trends have changed with the arrival of the new millennium. as the growing foreign-born population between 2000 and 2010 demonstrates. One of the reasons behind this shift is that Mexico’s...

How many OEMs do you need to amend the Auto Decree?

Toyota's new Prius V Hybrid car by Robert Scoble

Photo credit: Toyota’s new Prius V Hybrid car by Robert Scoble Apparently, every one of them. All associations of OEMs, tiers and auto dealers have gathered to fight the proposal of amendment to the Auto Decree, protecting all flanks including Toyota. If you hurt one OEM, you hurt the whole industry. Let me put this post in context. On December 31, 2003, former President Vicente Fox issued...

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