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Mexico Issues Interconnection Manual for Power Plants and Charging Points


In Pratt’s Energy Law Report for June 2018, attorneys José Antonio Prado, Carlos Ochoa and Alberto Esenaro Arteaga co-wrote an article about the Mexico Ministry of Energy’s manual for power plants and connecting charging points. The manual solves several gaps and details many provisions for completing power projects that are currently in process of construction or operation. Read more...

Mexico’s Ministry of Energy Issues Interconnection Manual for Small Capacity Plants


Mexico’s Energy Reform of 2013 opened activities of the country’s power market to private investors. Before the reform, large-scale power generation was reserved to the state-run Comisión Federal de Electricidad (CFE), or to private investors through government contracts under an independent power producer structure. Self-supply and co-generation was allowed if complying with certain...

Mexican Telecom Reform: Where we stand?

Telecommunication-Antenna__36092 by Emilian Robert Vicol

Photo credit: VIA Telecom Booth by VIA Gallery Maybe you have been following my latest posts on the approval process for amending the Mexican Constitution in relation to Telecom (and anti-trust). If not, I suggest you read How I Learned to Stop Worrying about Telecom and Love the Pact or Don´t Panic: The First-Mover Guide to the New Mexican Telecom Bill. House of Representatives delivered the...

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