#myindustry State of Law: The lawyer dilemma


I usually do not write about legal practice. It is a very sophisticated profession helping lawyers to thrive. Today I saw the open invitation from Isabelle Roughol, Editor of Linkedin for the inFluencer series “My industry”. As I did not find any inFluencer discussing the legal industry, I thought it was my cue to step up. Legal services industry has been severely hit by the latest...

No Jobs, All the Opportunities

Job Search by Tax Credits

Photo credit: Job Search by Tax Credits I already asked permission for hijacking this phrase from José Alberto Sanchis, a US-based serial entrepreneur I met at an alumni event early this year. Back then, global crisis seemed falling rock-bottom with little hope for a quick end. “No jobs, all the opportunities” is so true in times of crisis. Not only for moguls with enough cash flow...

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Alberto Esenaro

I am a Mexican lawyer with experience in technology, energy, automotive, infrastructure and business. Worked for law firms, international companies and Government bodies on business advice, regulatory compliance and litigation.

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