Telecom Equipment Treaty for Canada and Mexico

Networking Switch by felixtriller.

Photo credit: Networking Switch by felixtriller. Effective as from June 1, 2012, the Canada-Mexico Treaty acknowledges standard evaluation proceedings for telecom equipment. This will facilitate imports/exports between these two countries. This Treaty does not cover electric security and is only usable for testing labs approved by their respective Governments. A year ago, the same Treaty with US...

Regulation on maximum levels of emissions for brand new vehicles up to 14,000 pounds and higher

X-Pro1-0497by rpavich

Photo credit: X-Pro1-0497by rpavich Ministry of Environment proposed a draft of NOM-076-SEMARNAT-1995 regulating maximum allowed levels of emission for unburned hydrocarbons, carbon monoxide and nitrogen oxides from the exhaust, as well as evaporation hydrocarbons from the fuel system, which use gasoline, liquefied petroleum gas, natural gas and other alternative fuels and to be used for motor...

Strategic Association Agreement between Mexico and Uruguay

Uruguay by Vince Alongi

Photo credit: Uruguay by Vince Alongi On September 20, 2011, Mexican President Felipe Calderon published Strategic Association Agreement between Mexico and Uruguay. The scope of this Agreement covers the following: Establishes mechanisms for political, cultural, economic and social cooperation and discussion. Reinforces the current free trade agreement executed on November 15, 2003 (ACE 60)...

Mexico and Colombia change formats for certificates of origin and declaration of origin

Colombian Flag by DeptfordJon

Photo credit: Colombian Flag by DeptfordJon Last August 3, 2011, Ministry of Finance published amendments to the formats for certificates of origin and declaration of origin under the Free Trade Agreement between Mexico, Colombia and Venezuela, originally executed on June 11, 2010. These amendments published on Mexican Federal Official Gazette were originally agreed between Mexico and Colombia on...

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