Luxury Car Manufacturing on A Roll in Mexico

Old Mercedes Benz by lusikkolbaskin

Photo credit: Old Mercedes Benz by lusikkolbaskin Mexico is the eighth largest automotive producer in the world. The automobile industry represents 3.6% of the country’s GDP, of which 14% is of manufacturing output. According to a fact sheet published through the US Embassy in Mexico City, production has increased by a record breaking 12.01% in 2012, which comes to around three million cars that...

Chrysler invests US$1.2 Bn in Mexico and could cast away the IMMEX drawback

Chrysler Building at 42nd Street by Andrew Tarvin

Photo credit: Chrysler Building at 42nd Street by Andrew Tarvin Chrysler is adding US$164 Millions to its facilities in Saltillo, Coahuila for manufacturing the new line of “Tigershark” engines for the models Dodge Dart and Jeep Cherokee. This investment totals US$1.249 Billion of investment together with the plant manufacturing of the Ram ProMaster, to be sold in Mexico, United...

Aviation manufacturing finds a home in Mexico

Copenhagen Takeoff by Julien Menichini

Photo credit: Copenhagen Takeoff by Julien Menichini The aerospace manufacturing industry in Mexico has been building momentum over the last decade. The national government has been focused on developing domestic industry to build the Mexican economy. This focus of priorities has encouraged the growth of the aerospace industry from $146 million of exports in 2004 through to $3.5 billion in 2010...

Companies suspended from IMMEX have a second chance

SpaceX Rocket Manufacturing by Steve Jurvetson

Photo credit: SpaceX Rocket Manufacturing by Steve Jurvetson IMMEX is an export incentive program set by Federal Government to grant benefits to manifacturers in Mexico for importing on a temporary basis, free of import tax (variable) and VAT (16% sales tax), the material, tools and machinery necessary to process, transform or repair export goods or rendering export services. Today, Ministry of...

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