Don´t Panic: The First-Mover Guide to the New Mexican Telecom Bill


Photo credit: Firefox Mobile by Johan Larsson It happened Sunday just before midnight. Politicians from The Pact for Mexico, this is, an alliance made by major political parties for debating amendments to structural laws in Mexico, agreed on a Telecom Bill to be presented to the Mexican Congress. Yesterday, at noon, The Pact for Mexico and the Federal Government made a press event to officially...

Mexican Federalism and the Digital Age

Mexican Symbol by bradleyolin

Photo credit: Mexican Symbol by bradleyolin Mexico, as other many countries is organised as a Republic, with three levels of government (Federation, State and Municipalities), and different branches each (Executive, Legislature and Judiciary). That system of checks and balances, credited mainly to Montesquieu, is reflected in all terms of organization of the State, including the digital...

It´s Cloudy in Mexico … with a chance of business

Photo credit: very. fast. internet. Connection by ChrisDag

Photo credit: very. fast. internet. Connection by ChrisDag This is a guest post prepared by John Pavolotsky and Alberto Esenaro. Gartner and IDC predict a creation of 14 million jobs related to the cloud by 2015 with $1.1 trillion of USD per year in revenue. While these firms have a different vision for the location of those jobs, the overall number is a good omen for these difficult times...

New Manual for General Application of Information and Communication Technology of the Federal Government

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Photo credit: HTML Code by Marjan Krabelj Mexican Federal Government, as internal regulation issued the Administrative Manual for implementing and managing the information and communication technology for any Federal Government body. This manual contains all technical and administrative issues, roles for managing and implementing, as well as guidelines for technologies applied to government. Any...

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