Google dreams of the Mexican Biggest Data and Amazon just moved in

Amazon Android1 by melenita2012

Photo credit: Amazon Android1 by melenita2012 I am recovering a July post from Homo Zapping, an independent news blog in Mexico, which reported that President Peña Nieto is trying to set up a big data project that would bring together information from government files and social networks. This project could be in charge of Google, Inc., EMC Computer Systems and Kio Networks with an annual cost of...

Welcome to the Fiberhood

Mario at Google Fiber - Kansas City, MO by UCFFool

Photo credit: Mario at Google Fiber – Kansas City, MO by UCFFool According to recent publication of OECD on internet speed, Japan and Sweden are the fastest countries with the impressive advertised average download 149,616 and 101,807 kbit/s, respectively. The US is at a 27,563 kbit/s speed. Mexico, has 5,325 kbit/s. Since July 26, 2012, Google is officially challenging internet speed in...

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