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Televisa and Telmex on two legs after Watchdog resolutions

The power of television by Clemens v. Vogelsang

Photo credit: The power of television by Clemens v. Vogelsang A couple of weeks ago, I wrote about the titanic tasks that the Mexican telecom regulator had to achieve according to the recent constitutional telecom reform. One of those tasks was to declare preponderant operators for telecom and broadcasting, and imposing asymmetric regulation or ordering separation and/or disinvesting. Despite the...

MEXICAN #ENERGY REFORM: We need to talk about PEMEX

Photo credit: When in Mexico, you can't beat Pemex gas by diaper

Photo credit: When in Mexico, you can’t beat Pemex gas by diaper Mexico Moment (#MEMO) is being fuelled by structural reforms that promise open markets in telecom, energy, finance and infrastructure. Now all three major political parties, academics and NGOs are publicly discussing their proposals to energy reform, and PEMEX is the centre of the debate. All of them agree that PEMEX needs an...

Energy Reform in Mexico May Open Doors to Foreign Investment

Lightbulb Series 1 - 04 by Thomas IceSabre

Photo credit: Lightbulb Series 1 – 04 by Thomas IceSabre A new energy reform proposal suggested by the President of Mexico could open up the market to foreign investment, if approved. President Nieto has presented a new bill which involves the restructuring of Pemex and proposes the end of the company’s monopoly. This state owned Oil Company has controlled the energy market in Mexico for...

Beer soars DFI in Mexico

Corona Extra by YEAH!!! Design

Photo credit: Corona Extra by YEAH!!! Design Ministry of Economy announced that, during first six months of 2013, direct foreign investment in Mexico (FDI) soared 2.5 times in respect to the same period of 2012, reaching a historic record of $23.8 Billion USD. FDI was 58% for new investments, 24% for profit re-investments and 18% for inter-companies operations. By sector FDI was: 83% in...

PEMEX debate focuses on foreign investment participation

Puente by Eneas De Troya

Photo credit: Puente by Eneas De Troya Many experts believe that Pemex or Petróleos Mexicanos the state owned oil monopoly is the jewel of Mexico. For years it has funnelled billions into state treasury funds for schools, highways, ports and hospitals. Yet, even with Pemex being credited for building the Mexican nation, officials have acknowledged that the inefficient company is in financial...

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