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Opening of Mexico energy market a benefit to NAFTA partners

"thistle alpha - belford dolphin 1978 by snapper"

Photo credit: thistle alpha – belford dolphin 1978 by snapper On December 12, 2013, Mexico’s lower house of Congress finally passed energy reforms, opening the country’s state-monopolized industry after 75 years. The 353-134 vote will allow private companies as well as international investors to spend billions of dollars on this sector and boost Mexico’s economy. While the bill’s proponents...

Mexico’s Push to Reform Hydrocarbons Sector: a Possible Boom for Foreign Investors?

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Photo credit: oil pump by jodelli Mexico’s current government is strongly pushing through plans to overhaul the country’s hydrocarbons sector.  While there are many protesting the move to allow a certain amount of foreign investment, those involved in the industry feel that Petróleos Mexicanos (PEMEX), the ailing state-owned oil company which enjoys a monopoly, desperately needs investment in...

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