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Clean Energy in Mexico attracts FDI


By enacting the secondary laws to constitutional energy reforms back in August, Mexican President Enrique Peña Nieto detailed the opening of energy sector. However, while the press has been focusing on the reforms’ implications for the oil and natural gas sectors, the clean power market did not receive the attention it deserved, especially considering that Mexico has set the objective to generate...

China-Mexico Energy Trade Ties in Progress

Shaman by Don McCullough

Photo credit: Shaman by Don McCullough China and Mexico have been at opposite ends for decades, especially since the latter accused the former of flooding the U.S. market with cheap goods that affected the sales of its own. However, now that the Mexican oil and natural gas industry is open to local and foreign investors after over seven decades, China has expressed its interest in investing in...

A Bright Future for Alternative Energy in Mexico

Ameresco Biomass Cogeneration Facility at SRS by Savannah River Site

Photo credit: Ameresco Biomass Cogeneration Facility at SRS by Savannah River Site Despite Mexico’s potential oil boom in the light of its latest energy reforms and the newly approved Hydrocarbons Transboundary Agreement with the U.S., the country remains invested in its alternative energy resources. Currently, only 7% of Mexico’s energy is from renewable sources. Biomass is in the lead with 3...

Foreign Companies to Play a Role in Mexico’s Energy Future

Rig repairs by Andrew Deacon

Photo credit: Rig repairs by Andrew Deacon The Mexican energy reform drafted by President Enrique Peña Nieto was approved by the Congress in Dec 12 and most of the 31 states. As a result, the once PEMEX-controlled sector opened up to private and foreign partners after 75 years. Starting next year, new contracts will be issued to companies to allow them to enter Mexico and carry out their work...

Revisiting the Mexican Energy Reform Part 1 of 3

Oil rig by Derek Keats

Photo credit: Oil rig by Derek Keats I made an early review of the Mexican Energy Reform. Now it is time to revisit in full. This is part 1 of 3 for a series of posts trying to construe the recently approved Mexican Energy Reform. Despite the political opinions, this Reform sets a new landmark on how Mexico sees the future of energy sector and the free market economy. Mexico has liberalised the...

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