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MEXICAN #ENERGY REFORM: We need to talk about PEMEX

Photo credit: When in Mexico, you can't beat Pemex gas by diaper

Photo credit: When in Mexico, you can’t beat Pemex gas by diaper Mexico Moment (#MEMO) is being fuelled by structural reforms that promise open markets in telecom, energy, finance and infrastructure. Now all three major political parties, academics and NGOs are publicly discussing their proposals to energy reform, and PEMEX is the centre of the debate. All of them agree that PEMEX needs an...

Mexico and China: An Expanding Economic Partnership

Sticker shock by Bev Sykes

Photo credit: Sticker shock by Bev Sykes While Mexico’s economy has been growing steadily since the implementation of NAFTA and various other free trade agreements with dozens of other countries, the general perception has been that the country’s main trading partners and investors have been the United States and Japan.  However, Mexico’s partnership with manufacturing and economic powerhouse...

Quick White House Response Could Mean a Foot in the Door in Mexico’s Hydrocarbons Sector

White House by Tom Lohdan

Photo credit: White House by Tom Lohdan A quick response by the U.S. government could mean American companies could access Mexico’s vast hydrocarbon resources, which look like they could be opening up thanks to reform proposals from Mexico’s governing Institutional Revolutionary Party (PRI). Mexico, according to an article from the smartplanet.com website and other sources, owns “a gold mine of...

Mexico’s Potential Oil Boom: Reserves Increase and Industry Reforms Proposed

Oil Pump Jack by Paul Lowry

Photo credit: Oil Pump Jack by Paul Lowry Mexico could very well see an oil boom in the very near future; the country has posted oil gains for the second year in a row and the current government is seriously proposing reforms in its exclusively state-owned hydrocarbons industry. Mexican President Enrique Peña Nieto, who recently celebrated the 75th anniversary of the state-owned Petróleos...

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