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Foreign Investment Caps in Mexico (2013 & 2014 Reforms)

Money and Calculator by Images Money

Photo credit: Money and Calculator by Images Money This document describes the caps and foreign investment regulation for diverse activities and industries under Mexican Law, as updated with the recent reforms of telecom, energy and finance sectors. As always, this is for informative purposes and cannot be considered as substitute for a legal advice. Learn more. Copyrights 2014 –...

Mexico is migrating towards a universal telecom license

Wataniya Telecom Antenna by Shafiu Hussain

Photo credit: Wataniya Telecom Antenna by Shafiu Hussain According to the Mexican Telecom Reform, by December 10, the Congress will enact a law to uniform the current telecom concessions and permits, which could be commercial, public, private and social use. Furthermore, those concessions could be used for rendering any type of service (universal telecom license or “UTL”). Currently...

Vote for this Blog to make the ABA 7th Annual Blawg 100 (Deadline August 9)

Typewriter Keys by Kristin Nador

Photo credit: Typewriter Keys by Kristin Nador American Bar Association (ABA) is making the Annual Blawg 100 List to include the best legal blogs of the World (Blawgs). If you think this Blog should be listed, please nominate it here for consideration of the ABA. Nominations are due no later than 7 p.m. ET on Friday, Aug. 9, 2013. But remember that ABA will not receive nominations from: Law...

Companies suspended from IMMEX have a second chance

SpaceX Rocket Manufacturing by Steve Jurvetson

Photo credit: SpaceX Rocket Manufacturing by Steve Jurvetson IMMEX is an export incentive program set by Federal Government to grant benefits to manifacturers in Mexico for importing on a temporary basis, free of import tax (variable) and VAT (16% sales tax), the material, tools and machinery necessary to process, transform or repair export goods or rendering export services. Today, Ministry of...

Mexico’s Booming Aerospace Sector: an Opportunity for Many

Leaving on a jet plane by McPig

Photo credit: Leaving on a jet plane by McPig For years, Mexico has been quietly but steadily building itself into a manufacturing powerhouse, and automobile manufacturers have known for decades that Mexico’s highly skilled and ethical workforce are among the world’s best. It’s a well known fact that the automobile industry in Mexico is expanding at an astounding rate to meet demand and that...

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