U.S. Companies Leave China and Travel South to Mexico

Packing Tape Practical Joke by Lenore Edman

Packing Tape Practical Joke by Lenore Edman U.S. companies that rushed to China in the early 2000s to expand their production are now considering moving back to North America, Mexico to be precise. One of the reasons behind the sudden shift is the rapidly increasing labor costs in the Asian country. The other is the eagerness of Mexican workers and the government itself to make the most from the...

Chinese Retailer “DragonMart” Fights and Wins a Spot on Mexican Soil

Chinese Dragon by Rool Paap

Photo credit: Chinese Dragon by Rool Paap Enrique Peña Nieto has been in talks with his Chinese counterpart since the year started, a sign of both countries burying their retail-related hatchet and deciding to work together to boost their strong economies. This is one of the reasons Chinese-backed Dragon Mart chose the Caribbean resort city of Cancun as its new location. However, this has sent...

Mexico: A Land of Opportunity as International Trade Booms

Currencies of the world by Images Money

Photo credit: Currencies of the world by Images Money Up until two decades ago, Mexico had been suffering economically, driving many among its population to seek opportunity North of the border. However, trends have changed with the arrival of the new millennium. as the growing foreign-born population between 2000 and 2010 demonstrates. One of the reasons behind this shift is that Mexico’s...

Mexico and China: An Expanding Economic Partnership

Sticker shock by Bev Sykes

Photo credit: Sticker shock by Bev Sykes While Mexico’s economy has been growing steadily since the implementation of NAFTA and various other free trade agreements with dozens of other countries, the general perception has been that the country’s main trading partners and investors have been the United States and Japan.  However, Mexico’s partnership with manufacturing and economic powerhouse...

Mexico’s Manufacturing Sector Booming Thanks to Infrastructure Development

Manufacturing plant in Nevada by Jeff Barnes

Photo credit: Manufacturing plant in Nevada by Jeff Barnes In a move that is exactly surprising to industry leaders and economic growth experts, Mexico’s manufacturing sector is bringing back jobs to North America that left the continent for China in the 1990s and 2000s.  What is partially responsible for the boom, other than the industriousness of Mexicans and their solid work ethic, is the...

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