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The Future of Offshore Oil Drilling in Mexico

Global Santa Fe Rig 140 by ST33VO

Photo credit: Global Santa Fe Rig 140 by ST33VO Despite the Deepwater Horizon oil spill and natural gas fracking boom three years ago, experts expect offshore oil drilling in the Gulf of Mexico to produce huge amounts of oil. Big finds, which are known as “elephant fields” by engineers, have the power to produce for at least 50 billion barrels over the next 20 years. For Mexico, this is a...

PEMEX debate focuses on foreign investment participation

Puente by Eneas De Troya

Photo credit: Puente by Eneas De Troya Many experts believe that Pemex or Petróleos Mexicanos the state owned oil monopoly is the jewel of Mexico. For years it has funnelled billions into state treasury funds for schools, highways, ports and hospitals. Yet, even with Pemex being credited for building the Mexican nation, officials have acknowledged that the inefficient company is in financial...

Aviation manufacturing finds a home in Mexico

Copenhagen Takeoff by Julien Menichini

Photo credit: Copenhagen Takeoff by Julien Menichini The aerospace manufacturing industry in Mexico has been building momentum over the last decade. The national government has been focused on developing domestic industry to build the Mexican economy. This focus of priorities has encouraged the growth of the aerospace industry from $146 million of exports in 2004 through to $3.5 billion in 2010...

Mexico: a land of opportunity for China’s companies

Containers by tsuna72

Photo credit: Containers by tsuna72 Despite the global recession, Mexico is actively seeking out investment from Chinese companies. One of the major investment sectors being targeted is the automotive industry. With this in mind Mexico is participating in the Auto Shanghai annual event for the first time, to showcase Mexico’s suitability and meet with potential investors. There have already been...

The Sweet Spot of the Mexican Telecom Reform (Part 2/3)

Hacking Circuits, Digital DNA, City of Palo Alto, Art in Public Places, 9.01.05, California, USA by Wonderlane

Photo credit: Hacking Circuits, Digital DNA, City of Palo Alto, Art in Public Places, 9.01.05, California, USA by Wonderlane I hope you have read the First Part of this Post. If not, feel free to catch up here. This is part 2 of 3-part post on the recently published Mexican Telecom Reform. Follow me to explore the great opportunities to come. It´s STEM People time. The debate of immigration...

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