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A few Statistitcs from 2015


The business year ended a couple of weeks ago. A fair year for business in Mexico with the traction provoked by the opening markets (telecom, energy, transport, etc.) Numbers on this blog were good too. Here are some statistics I would like to share with you. The blog had 1.4 Million hits with a more than 86 thousand visitors. This is a slight improvement from previous year. As to the most...

Mexico to Spend Billions on Railroad Infrastructure

Lille, France May 2005 by Hunter-Desportes

Photo credit: Lille, France May 2005 by Hunter-Desportes Mexican president Enrique Peña Nieto announced in the beginning of October that his government would be spending $300 billion on infrastructure to increase the country’s GDP’s growth. A week later, the government issued a statement announcing its plans to tender $7.4 billion on three passenger train projects in 2014. Tendering...

Is Audi luring the German carmakers to Mexico?

IAA 2013: Audi Nanuk Quattro by MotorBlog

Photo credit: MotorBlog.com The interest in Mexico manufacturing is continuing to grow with additional automotive plants looking set to be built in the near future. Since announcement from Audi for creating their first plant for assembly and production in Mexico, automakers have found Mexico very likable for expanding automotive operations. Audi confirmed plans for a $1.3 billion plant which is...

The Sweet Spot of the Mexican Telecom Reform (Part 1/3)

EPROM CLCC-44 Devices by yellowcloud

Photo credit: EPROM CLCC-44 Devices by yellowcloud This is part 1 of 3-part post on the recently published Mexican Telecom Reform. Follow me to explore the great opportunities to come. What ever happened to the Telecom Market. Mexican Telecom Reform is now on effects. It is the end of the industry, as we all knew it. Frankly, I feel fine and exited about the new regulation. We need to double...

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