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Mexico to Spend Billions on New Rail Projects

Brio Train Set (#7364) by regan76

Brio Train Set (#7364) by regan76 In the first week of February 2014, the Mexican lower house of Congress passed a bill that opens the country’s rail freight sector. As a result, lawmakers expect new investments, lower prices, and a broader rail share of the cargo business. This reform will also go hand in hand with other changes President Enrique Peña Nieto’s government suggested to benefit the...

Mexican telecom watchdog revises TV networks tender program

DSC_6391 by Jeff Meyer

Photo credit: DSC_6391 by Jeff Meyer Last January 30, 2014, Mexican telecom watchdog, IFT, revised the tender program for 2 national digital-TV networks. The new program revised 8 locations based on comments from interested parties. The revisions are for coordinates in: a) location 123, channel 42 (638-644 MHz) in Toluca, b) location 124, channel 47 (668-674 MHz) in Toluca, c) location 137...

There is an amendment to Railroad Law that could boost the market

Train by Andre Chinn

Photo credit: Train by Andre Chinn Last Tuesday, House of Representatives approved a bill to amend the Law for Railroad Service in order to open competition, and to keep up with the upcoming train projects in Mexico. According to the Minutes of the House, Mexico is tenth place worldwide in railroad infrastructure with 0.0065 miles per square mile of territory. Since 2006, railroad was 26% of...

Mexico to launch tender on 2 geostationary orbital positions in 2014

NASA's Upper Atmosphere Research Satellite, or UARS, is expected to re-enter Earth's atmosphere late September by NASA Goddard Space Flight Center

Photo credit: NASA’s Upper Atmosphere Research Satellite, or UARS, is expected to re-enter Earth’s atmosphere late September by NASA Goddard Space Flight Center Yesterday, the IFT, Mexican telecom regulator, published the Program for launching a tender on 2 geostationary orbital positions (GOP) with coverage on Mexican territory for fixed satellite service. Although, these GOP has...

Coming Next: Mexico to tender 2 D-TV broadcasting networks

BT Screens by Jeremy Keith

Photo credit: BT Screens by Jeremy Keith Last December 20, 2013, the IFT, Telecom regulator, published the tender program for two TV broadcasting networks with the location of the TV stations and frequencies to be granted under license. The call is expected by March. IFT acknowledges that commercial free-to-air TV (FTV) has a high concentration with Grupo Televisa (GTV) and Televisión Azteca...

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