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TPP text released for Mexico


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Transpacific Partnership

The Mexico Text



Main Text

  1. Initial Provisions and General Definitions
  2. National Treatment and Market Access (including Annex 2-D Tariff Commitments)
  3. Rules of Origin and Origin Procedures
  4. Textiles and Apparel
  5. Customs Administration and Trade Facilitation
  6. Trade Remedies
  7. Sanitary and Phytosanitary Measures
  8. Technical Barriers to Trade
  9. Investment
  10. Cross Border Trade in Services
  11. Financial Services
  12. Temporary Entry for Business Persons
  13. Telecommunications
  14. Electronic Commerce
  15. Government Procurement
  16. Competition Policy
  17. State-Owned Enterprises
  18. Intellectual Property
  19. Labour
  20. Environment
  21. Cooperation and Capacity Building
  22. Competitiveness and Business Facilitation
  23. Development
  24. Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises
  25. Regulatory Coherence
  26. Transparency and Anti-corruption
  27. Administrative and Institutional Provisions
  28. Dispute Settlement
  29. Exceptions and General Provisions
  30. Final Provisions

Annexes & Schedules of Market Access

Bilateral Instruments

MEXICAN LAW BLOG business & opportunities in Mexico

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