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During 2013, Mexico had a small growth, but was an exiting year, as many of long awaited reforms started. Many of them are in process of being implemented, and many have passed in spite of diversity of opinions.

Mexico expects a better growth for 2014, with foreseeable investment in strategic industries like telecom, energy and communications.

With that in mind, below are the most-read posts of this Blog, as numbers have shown. I am also, including the must-read posts, which regardless of the numbers, were highly shared, commented, liked and influenced the most. Make your own conclusions. Share them if you find that appropriate.

All I wanted for Christmas was the telecom legislation: Now what?
Revisiting the Mexican Energy Reform Part 1 of 3
Chinese Retailer “DragonMart” Fights and Wins a Spot on Mexican Soil
Solar Energy Opportunities in Mexico
Opening of Mexico energy market a benefit to NAFTA partners

The Sweet Spot of the Mexican Telecom Reform (Part 1/3)
What if IFETEL Mexico unleashes the unseen power of free?
5 challenges for the new Mexican telecom commissioners
The $316bn Plan for Mexican Infrastructure
Mexico is migrating towards a universal telecom license

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