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On July 2004, Vicente Fox, former President of Mexico, set the time-frame for digital TV transition for December 31, 2021 divided in 6 periods of time.

Now, during the third period, and under the Administration of Felipe Calderon, a new Decree was issued on September 9, 2010 to fix concrete actions directed to accelerate adoption of Digital TV, being the most important, the bidding of 700 Mhz bandwidth during 2012.

As a side effect, last September 28, 2011, Ministry of Economy proposed changes for labelling and packaging obligations on consumer electronics standards, in particular on non-digital TV Sets (without A/53 tuning features).

Importers, manufacturers and traders of non-digital TV Sets need to indicate that such sets do not comply with A/53 standards on:

(a)           Packaging with size double of regular commercial information.

(b)           Instructions.

As a marginal note, Mexico has a 93% TV density on homes of a total of 25.4 homes, only 13.6% of those have digital TV sets.  There is no secret that subscription TV in Mexico has been raising (cable/satellite).  Recent statistics indicate a combined amount of 10 million subscribers.  However, non-paid TV users remain majority of service.

Under the Regulation Improvement Proceeding of Mexican Law, it is possible for interested parties to provide comments to the authorities before October 31, 2011, and shape this regulation according to commercial needs and trades.  Let me know if I can be of help.


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