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Photo credit: Moon and antenna by Marcello Semboli

I discussed in my previous post “A Tale of Two Bands and other telecom stories“, the status of the Bands 2.5 Ghz and 700 Mhz. Well, during the Ordinary Meeting of COFETE of September 19, 2012, it was unanimously recommended segmentation of band 698 to 806 Mhz according to the A5 (Asia-Pacific Telecomunity). The Band will be segmented in 2 parts of 45 Mhz with a separation space of 10 Mhz and guard bands.  The decision of recommending A5 versus the American Model was to adopt a model for lower investment and faster roll-out of mobile broadband.  According to the official date of COFETEL, the A5 Model requires an investment of $150 M USD with a roll-out time of 1.5 years, while the American Model requires $800 M USD and 2.5 years. In addition A5 Model allows portability from one network to another with the same band.

Still, there is no official information on how Ministry of Communications or COFETEL will recover the 700 Mhz, but it is obvious that there are already some negotiations in place to recover and then, launch the auction.  The war between Apple and Android, and the efforts of RIM and Windows Phone to get a market share will push operators and Government to expedite LTE in Mexico.  With 94 Million Mobile Users, who would not?


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