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Telecomunicaciones de Mexico (TelecomMexico) obtained a telecom license on September 5, 2013, and the title has been published on the Federal Official Gazette on December 20, 2013. This license has the purpose of operating a 15,000 miles of optical fiber from a government-owned public backbone. TelecomMexico will co-operate with private operator through a PPP, but only for wholesale. A tender for this co-operation is expected during first half of 2014. The license has the following features:

1. Duration: 30 years (expires September 4, 2043).

2. Services: SMS, voice, fixed and mobile data services (through local rural network based on cellular technology and satellite backbone). TelecomMexico will only be allowed to render services to population of less than 5,000 people that do not have other equivalent services on public telecom networks.

3. Satellite Bands: Extended C-Band 3.4 to 3.7 / 6.425 to 6.725 GHz and Extended Ku-Band 11.45 to 11.7 / 13.75 to 14.0 GHz, through any authorized satellite in Mexico.

4. Other Services: TelecomMexico may render any other services with the authorized infrastructure, except broadcasting.

After all, it seems that TelecomMexico will become a market incubator. Do you think it will take the underserved market by storm? What would happen if population grows over 5,000 people or other operators arrive? Will TelecomMexico be permitted to stay or go?


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