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Why old lawyers get shift done? [Infographic]


Hits: 3587Today, Lydia DePillis wrote on the Washington Post “Baby boomers are taking on ageism – and losing”. It tells the story of a senior GC failing to land a job in modern economy. Apparently, “Old Economy Steve” is too old for working on a profession that, paradoxically, requires experience and wisdom. Become a real lawyer requires being exposed to the right...

The 2014 Year in Review


Hits: 43122014 is done. Business in Mexico was quite active in response to reforms in progress by Peña Nieto Administration. Some industries like energy, telecom, antitrust and financial services are on the spotlight, but all together with education, tax and judicial pretend to set a backbone for a new Mexican economy. Of course, foreign investment caps were reduced in some areas. Mexico kept...

Mexican legal market is ready to pivot


Hits: 3031Hogan Lovells acqui-entry over Barrera, Siqueiros y Torres Landa last August 1 was the most clear landmark announcing a lateral hirings wave from US Law Firms to enter Mexican legal market. US Law firms are looking to keep company to their clients when taking advantage from Mexico´s reforms. Now, DLA Piper expanded its local office by merging almost all members of Gallastegui y Lozano...

The Big Opportunities for #NewLaw in Mexico


Hits: 1505As changes in international legal services continues to impact law firms around the world – a new business model within law has been developing for over a decade. That new business model is widely referred to as “NewLaw”. The characteristics that often define NewLaw law firms is a streamlined business model allowing firms to alternative fee arrangements. Oftentimes, lawyers who staff...

US Law Firms are moving to Mexico. New Law should move faster


Hits: 1873Info-text graphic – laws by PlusONE/ Tomorrow is lawyer´s day in Mexico, so I decided to write on legal practice. US law firms have been moving into Mexico more frequently over last 3 years. The latest big move was Hogan Lovells merging with Barrera, Siqueiros y Torres Landa, to be effective on August 1. The global legal market has been one of the most active...

MEXICAN LAW BLOG business & opportunities in Mexico

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