Organizational Regulations for Energy Commission

Organizational Regulations for Energy Commission

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Energy Commission issued its Organizational Regulations to harmonise with the Law of Energy Commission, which establishes the extent of its authority. The Commission is a body that depends on Ministry of Energy, but has independence on operation, management, decision and technical resolutions.

These Regulations delegates authority on diverse parts of the Commission, such as President, Commissioners, Executive Secretary, diverse Departments and others.

Description in full of these authorities can be read along the Regulations.

This registry will contain resolutions and agreements of the Commissioners deciding in-full and to give publicity to regulated activities.

Under the Law, regulated activities are:

  • Supply and sale of electric energy to users of public service;
  • Generation, export and import of electric energy made by private entities or individuals;
  • Acquisition of electric energy made for public service;
  • Conduction, transformation and delivery of electric energy between government generators and private generators, exporters and importers;
  • First-sales of gas, crude oil and basic petro-chemicals made by PEMEX to third party privates;
  • Transport and distribution of gas, oil-refined and basic petro-chemicals products and bioenergetics made by ducts, as well as storage systems linked to duct transport or distribution, and part of import or distribution terminals.

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