Welcome to the Fiberhood

Welcome to the Fiberhood

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Photo credit: Mario at Google Fiber – Kansas City, MO by UCFFool

According to recent publication of OECD on internet speed, Japan and Sweden are the fastest countries with the impressive advertised average download 149,616 and 101,807 kbit/s, respectively. The US is at a 27,563 kbit/s speed. Mexico, has 5,325 kbit/s.
Since July 26, 2012, Google is officially challenging internet speed in Kansas City, KS and Kansas City, MO with bi-directional connectivity at around 1 gigabit per second.
As Google indicates, this is a joint effort between people, fiberhoods and Google to connect local homes, hospitals, libraries and schools.
Fiberhood is about belonging to a community. Google actually delegated the responsibiity to neighboors to engage into fiber project and enroll other neighboors for pre-registration. What is the incentive? Fiberhoods with most pre-registrations will receive fiber fist.
There must be a localized lesson for each city or community in the World. For Mexico, regulation of ISPs allows SMEs or start-ups, or even neighbors to adapt the fiberhood model. This is, they may associate for negotiating higher speeds at better prices, and maybe form an ISP for self-use.
Because for the rest of us, who do not live in Kansas or planning moving there, there is an underlying lesson here: Internet is not only about sharing content but to sharing access. That is what internet is made of.


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