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Ministry of Health is proposing amendments to upgrade NOM-024-SSA3-2010 for standardizing SIRES (Information Systems for Health Electronic Record) on interoperability, processing, interpretation, confidentiality and security for a better practice management.

This Standard is a complement to NOM-040-SSA2-2004 (health information) and NOM-168-SSA1-1998 (clinic files).

Ministry of Health will provide with rules for implementing these systems across the health centers in the country, preparing and providing guides and formats for the SIRES to implement.

Each health professional using a SIRES, requires to enter a minimum set of data into its system, as provided by the Standard.

This Standard implements some rules from HL7 (Health Level Seven), an international non-profit organization that develops standards for the exchange, integration, sharing, and retrieval of electronic health information for medical practice management.

Opportunity for proving comments ends on October 14. These comments are not mandatory for Ministry of Health to include into the final version, but clearly will provide with localized and tested knowledge on how these systems can successfully be implemented in Mexico.

Keyword here is “evangelize“. After all, if a standard will influence changes on practice management or IT business, it is better to influence that standard before it takes effect.


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