Mexican Telecom Reform has passed … What´s next?

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Last April 30, Mexican Congress finally approved the Constitutional Reform on telecom (and anti-trust). Now it is time for the 31 State Congresses to review and approve. If any 16 Congresses approve the Reform, it will become a finished Reform. State of Mexico was first. Jalisco and Querétaro are on their way.

Then, what is next? The secondary regulation, meaning discussing/approving amendments to Telecom Law, Radio and TV Law, CATV Regulations, Satellite Regulations, Regulations to Telecom Law and many other. As has been discussed in the fora, making a uniform Telecom legislative body comprising and putting together all segments of the market. Yes, this is because every telecom service is convergent and data-driven, and yes, law is for regulating these trends.

Some of my next posts will address the hottest topics on secondary regulation. I will write on topics that media or specialists have not discussed enough or at all.

Can´t wait? Want to suggest something? Let me know … #TelecomReformMX