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COFETEL starts public consultation for bidding New TV Networks


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COFETEL started an online public consultation for obtaining opinions and comments from experts, players and interested people related to the bidding of new TV Networks. The so-long discussed “Mexican Third TV Network”.

For participating into that consultation it is necessary to register to receive access and password into COFETEL site.

The opinions and comments will be used by COFETEL to decide on whether or not bidding for new TV Networks (one or two is suggested), but will not be mandatory to follow them. COFETEL, and Mony DeSwaan personally, have been criticized for the decision of starting such non-binding consultation.

Mony De Swaan in his personal twitter (@Mony_de_Swaan) timeline posted “If there is no a consultation, we are opaque and authoritarian. If we start the consultation, we delegate and abdicate. Makes no sense”, and clearly has been receiving discourtesy comments.

It has been under public debate the authority of COFETEL for starting a public consultation without binding effect, and specially considering that the main principle of Mexican Public Law that is Government does not have authority unless is expressly indicated by Law.

However, the Decree for Creating COFETEL (Article Second, Section II) clearly indicates that COFETEL can perform studies and researches on telecom. This non-binding public consultation to experts, players and interested people is in fact a field research under the hood, regardless of the marketing label carries on.

This consultation is a great opportunity for all players in the industry that have not been able to debate in public about their interests, and how they pretend to increase Mexican telecom industry. Thereafter, other follow-up efforts may be done.

There are serious players I have to add, but incumbents also have rights to keep on exploiting the spectrum. Whether you are against or in favor of a third or fourth TV network, on the very words of Mony De Swaan, what stops you from participating? I will.

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