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Business Development Opportunities for International Lawyers in Mexico #IBABoston


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The IBA Boston is happening this week, so I decided to write a brief post showing some business development opportunities for international lawyers that are happening in Mexico.

1. Transport and Infraestructure. Government has announced the construction of railways (México-Toluca, Transpeninsular and Querétaro-Ciudad de México). The construction of the airport of Lazaro Cardenas Port will be on tender, as well as an industrial park close to it. San Diego wants to expedite trips of international US travellers departing from Tijuana, with a special international bridge for that purpose only. The Mexican infrastructure plan will spend US$316 bn during next 6 years.
2. Internet Infrastructure. The first IXP (internet exchange point) is being installed in Mexico to increase local traffic. The 2.5 GHz Band was partially renewed to MVS (60 of 190 MHz). Under the recent telecom reform, foreigners can hold 100% capital on telecom companies. During Q3 of 2013, telecom industry grew 9.5%. Mobile broadband increased 49.7%
3. Automotive. Mexico has landed many plants for manufacturing vehicles and autoparts. Some like Audi are awarding contracts very soon. Mercedes and Infiniti are coming. BMW and Hundai could be next. State of Querétaro is attracting aerospace business as a public policy. Mexico is in the middle of an energy reform, which could bring on many other opportunities from that industrial demand.Opportunities for OEMs, Tier companies and related services are at sight.

Many other opportunities will come, but the sooner the development, the better the results could be. Do you think is worth it?

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