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Ministry of Economy announced that, during first six months of 2013, direct foreign investment in Mexico (FDI) soared 2.5 times in respect to the same period of 2012, reaching a historic record of $23.8 Billion USD.

FDI was 58% for new investments, 24% for profit re-investments and 18% for inter-companies operations.

By sector FDI was: 83% in manufacturing; 8% in trade; 3% in construction; 2% in professional, scientific and technical; and 2% in transport, courier and storage. Remaining 2% to diverse.

By country was: 56% from Belgium, 23% from USA, 4% from UK, 4% from Japan and 4% from Netherlands; remaining 9% was disperse between 55 countries.

The unusual soar resulted from the AB Inbev-Modelo purchase. However, if this operation is taken off from the FDI number, there is still an increase of $11.5 Billion USD (10% increase).

With these numbers, Mexico confirm its appeal to international investors, but also shows interest of international corporations to merge Mexican-made enterprises. Will second have another merger on Mexican company and show higher numbers?


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