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Clock is ticking on IFETEL, the new telecom regulator. According to the telecom reform, It needs to comply with five big challenges by this Sunday, March 9, 2014.

1. It will publish the Tender Rules for two new TV networks with national coverage. This Tender will exclude current broadcasters (TV and radio) who own 12 MHz in any of the zones of coverage.
2. It will declare preponderant operators in broadcasting and telecommunications, and will impose regulation in relation to information, offers and quality of services, exclusive agreements, limitations to the use of terminal equipments between networks, assymetic regulation on tariffs and infrastructure, unbundling of essential resources, and accounting, functional and structural separation.
3. It will order the unbundling of the local loop for preponderant operators and dominant players with substantial power.
4. It will verify all telecom concessions to validate compliance to all terms and conditions.
5. It will gather information and integrate the Public Registry of Telecom Concessions.

Easier said than done. Now you may add that telecom bill is not yet presented to the Congress for discussion and approval, which increases the decree of dificulty, as IFETEL needs to carry on new proceedings and enfoce new authorities using current law and telecom reform. It is a STEM lawyers cue in.

IFETEL is under the spotlight right now and carries the weight of heavens on its shoulders. Do you think it will succeed?


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