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As expected, Mexican telecom operators are showing tough love


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IFT started a process to declare which telecom operators are preponderant and could be subject to assymetric regulation or de-invest rulings.

Recently, Telmex announced a spin-off of some real estate and leasing corporations.

A Televisa subsidiary, obtained an injunction from a Federal judge to stop the spin-off, as it considers it is a maneuver to evade the preponderance rule, supposedly to be issued by IFT next March 9.

MVS (Dish Mexico) requested IFT to declare Televisa preponderant player in TV and CATV markets, which in turn, is a partner to TV Azteca in mobile operator Iusacell.

Soon, IFT is expected to issue a ruling on must carry – must offer on TV contents (MC-MO)

Dish Mexico has been re-broadcasting in CATV the Free-to-air signal of Televisa and TV Azteca, under a transitory article of the Constitutional Reform in telecom.

For some years now, Dish Mexico, has is force a billing and collection contract with Telmex for managing subscriptions of CATV.

So, TV Azteca requested IFT to declare that Dish Mexico is preponderant and is not eligible to free TV content for re-broadcasting in CATV.

Now, Televisa presented an injuction before a local judge to order IFT to stop the MC-MO discussion. IFT already stopped the public discussion on this, until its in-house analyzes the extent of it.

General Counsel to the President announced that will take this injunction to the Supreme Court.

This happens while the Congress is getting ready to receive the new telecom bill for discussion. Apparently next week.

Mexican telecom industry could seem very hostile to outsiders. However, all of them are bound by interconnection and open infrastructure obligations.

You, know what they say: You do not choose your domestic co-operators in a public network. Their reactions are just tough love on-court and off-court.

So, the only way to get through this is to understand that the new economy is collaborative. After all, everything converges to a 1 and 0.

And you? How are you spending this day?


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