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Addendum to Port Concession Title for API Topolobampo


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Ministry of Communications and Transports accepted to modify the Concession Title of the Integral Port Manager of Topolobampo (API), located at the Gulf of Mexico in the State of Sinaloa, north-west of Mexico. The main purpose of this addendum was to increase the surface of the concession to 2,400 acres. The Addendum was published at the Federal Official Gazette on November 24, 2011.

The family jewel of this Administration is Mazatlan. Recent tender for granting administration of such Port will increase the level of connectivity of the region for exporting from the north part of Mexico, including Nuevo Leon, Durango and Coahuila.  Government has placed a bet on this Port to boost mining, automotive and other exports of the Region, including the new federal road connecting Durango and Mazatlán, that will make it even more attractive.

Port of Manzanillo (State of Colima) will continue as busy as usual and will not be replaced.

Topolobampo is a small but sure bet for moving charges with smaller ships and other specific purposes.

Notwithstanding, a lot of opportunities will open on that Region for shippers, movers and exporters themselves doing business on the Asia-Pacific zone, as well as construction and other services related to ports. Stay tuned on that part of Mexico, it is business worth.

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