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10 tweets trying to explain the Mexican Energy Reform


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Originally posted in my Twitter Account @DoBusinessMX on June 24, 2014, this is a collection of tweets trying to explain the Energy Reform in detail. Well, as much detailed as possible within the 140 characters constrain. Flexibility on style and spelling is understood. One tweet per topic block, as presented by the Executive Branch to the Congress. Currently under discussion. I welcome any RT, fav and reply.


Im making a 9-tweet analisys of 21 energy laws under discussion @ the Mex Congress (659 pgs) HT #EnergyMX RT please. Thx.

1 #EnergyMX PEMEX w/o monopoly on hydrocarbs or ducts. Keywords>1st refusal Sep21 DFI contracts profit/prod sharing MexicoEagleFord!!!

2 #EnergyMX Electricity opens. Pub&priv: Gen, Trans/Dist, Supply (priv>big users / pub>basic users), Trade. CENACE to admin the grid.

3 #EnergyMX Geothermal opens for recon (8mo permit), exploration (3+3 yrs) and exploitation (30 yrs + renewal). Big data analytics biz.

4 #EnergyMX Industrial Security and Environment Hydrocarbons Agency gets more powers to oversee PEMEX, CFE, oilers and gas companies.

5 #EnergyMX PEMEX & CFE 2yrs to become gov corps under private law. Leave gov proc laws. Flexible contract&JVs. +Governance.

6 #EnergyMX Hydrocarbs (upstream) and Energy Commisions (mid-downstream) regulate in coord. Res challenges in court. No suspension.

7 #EnergyMX hydrocarbs incomes from licenses (explor quota, royalty, signing bonus, consideration) and contracts (explor quota, royalty).

8 #EnergyMX sovereign fund will receive all oil&gas incomes for savings, investment and protect public finance.

9 #EnergyMX if sovereign fund is 3%+ of DGI can be applied to universal pension, renewables, infra and ed (% spending rules apply).

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