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Hits: 2639Thank you very much for reading my blog. This year comes with a lot of changes and challenges for all of us. In the business side, opportunities show and bear risks. For that, I decided to join Holland & Knight´s Mexico City Office. I updated this blog Disclaimer to adjust accordingly. In short, opinions are mine and please do not take the content here as legal advice or assume there is a lawyer-client relationship. Lawyers analize facts, documents and laws to solve legal problems, so clients can be on…read more

Why old lawyers get shift done? [Infographic]

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Hits: 3549Today, Lydia DePillis wrote on the Washington Post “Baby boomers are taking on ageism – and losing”. It tells the story of a senior GC failing to land a job in modern economy. Apparently, “Old Economy Steve” is too old for working on a profession that, paradoxically, requires experience and wisdom. Become a real lawyer requires being exposed to the right life experience. Applying legal concepts and solving legal problems need situational and emotional intelligence. This is acquired by practical knowledge. Time and will is necessary for developing pillar…read more

It´s not TV, it´s OTT: Dish lauched HBO Go in Mexico

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Hits: 4204If you ever have the opportunity to ask Reed Hastings (@reedhastings), Netflix CEO: “What keeps you awake at night?” Most probably, the answer would be “TV Everywhere”. These days, TV business is trying to figure out how to monetize premium content on a hyper connected sharing economy. Dish Mexico, operated by MVS Comunicaciones, just launched HBO Go as a standalone service for its own subscribers and non-customers. On Q2 2015, Dish reported 1.24 million users for its CATV services to the IFT (Mexican antitrust and regulatory agency). According to…read more

A few Statistitcs from 2015

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Hits: 4466The business year ended a couple of weeks ago. A fair year for business in Mexico with the traction provoked by the opening markets (telecom, energy, transport, etc.) Numbers on this blog were good too. Here are some statistics I would like to share with you. The blog had 1.4 Million hits with a more than 86 thousand visitors. This is a slight improvement from previous year. As to the most popular posts, below is the list, if you want to read them: 1 – What Would the Trans-Pacific…read more

IFTMX said OTT and PaidTV were not created equal

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Hits: 3601Last week IFT, telecom antitrust and regulator in Mexico, issued a resolution declaring that Televisa is not dominant in paidTV. The resolution was controversial to many, of course. However, it threw some legal precedents on OTT, for subscription video-on-demand (SVOD). According to IFT, SVOD is not, in terms of relevant market for antitrust proceedings, substitute to paid TV, based on the facts that content is not enough, the audience is limited and internet access is not universal. Netflix is betting high on good original content, but live sports and…read more


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